Description: Undergraduate Research Assistant
Description: Undergraduate research assistant
Description: PhD University of Utah
Description: Undergraduate Research Assistant
Description: Ph.D. University of Utah
Description: For preliminary research notes on upcoming proposals and other opportunities
Description: Professor
Description: Associate Professor, U of South Florida
Description: NSF Project: FLorida/Utah Emerging and Nano Technologies (FLUENT) Collaboration
Location: Utah, United States
Hometown: Logan
About: The LEFT lab conducts research on algorithms and electronics for error correction, machine inference, fault tolerance, noisy/unreliable circuits, and system security. Our work has application in telecommunications, data networks, sensor networks, computing technologies, cyberphysical systems (e.g. self-driving vehicles), and non-deterministic logic circuits (e.g. biochemical or genetic circuits, memristor circuits, and other unconventional computing substrates). Our research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Fulbright program, the State of Utah USTAR and UTAG programs, the Utah Department of Transportation and the US Department of Energy.
Description: Graduate Research Assistant, Left Lab, USU
Location: Utah, United States
Description: Research Assistant Left Lab
Age: 28
Location: Utah, United States of America
Hometown: Logan
Description: Associate Professor, LEFT Lab director
About: Prof. Winstead supervises research in the LEFT lab, and teaches courses related to electronic and FPGA design in the ECE department.